Thursday, 27 November 2008

Free 4 track e.p

Follow the link to download the A23 e.p

It consists of four tracks based on our experiences traveling that thoroughfare. These include glazed boredom , traffic rage , and visions of places glimpsed through tired rain-spattered windows. Enjoy!

For those unfamiliar , the A23 is a commuter artery , an accident greyspot and a cursed Sussex institution. Information, images and track details included.


p.s Those faithful who ordered , and are unforgivably still awaiting ( or have forgotten about) their Season One compilation album have our profound apologies. Especially Steven. Production is temporarily frozen. We are preparing to make this right. The album , plus extra gifts , will arive when you least expect it. Honest. Don't hate us.


redex said...

Link's gone dead, probably Mr Ellis' fault...

War-N said...

Nice stuff. Thanks for posting.